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Check back for much more information coming specifically for men. I am starting a new Podcast and Youtube Channel for Men to discuss and inform men primarily and women also about what Men’s issues are and what is being done and what more needs to be done for Men, generally, and with a specific focus, at times on men surviving the relationship trauma and healing after any relationship with a woman (or gay man) who has has a partner with Borderline Personality or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

If you would like to be interviewed on my upcoming Men’s Podcast please email me at:

There will be more information coming here soon too about many other issues Men are facing, learning about, and need to know more about that aren’t all Cluster B Abusive relationship, or Codependency related specifically.


Mens Empathy Network Podcast


Listen to “Mens Empathy Network” on Spreaker.


Mikael’s Experience Part 1

Mikael’s Story (Interview)

A Man (Youtube Name “Psycho” Didn’t Feel Heard Or Understood – The Need To Bridge the Gap I’ve Learned from Working with Thousands of Men – The issue are Borderline Women Psychopaths – The framing was where this man’s feeling unheard began.

Men’s Issues Advocacy and Healing