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Each group is $30 US per member per week. The subscribe button $120 for 4 groups.

This subscription will renew each month and you are free to cancel it at any time. Groups are held via Zoom. One you purchase your group subscription you will be sent a link for the group. I am facilitating these groups and look forward to helping out and to each of you sharing with each other.

Currently there is a group for Men Surviving a BPD (or NPD) Relationship Breakup 3pm Eastern each Sunday.

Currently there is one group for Women who are the Ex’s or family members of a person with Borderline Personality. It is running on Sundays at 5 pm Eastern.

If you are a gay man or a lesbian woman and you would like to be in a group for Surviving BPD (or NPD) Relationship Breakups for just gay men or lesbian women please email me by using the CONTACT button in the top menu.

I will add more groups and times as needed due to various time zones and other factors.

If you are someone, isolated, in and on/off relationship with someone with BPD or NPD, or someone who wants a safe place to talk things over and share your own experiences in a Zoom Group setting with others that know what you are going through I hope that you will attend these groups.

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